Sunday, September 13, 2009

Currently I am working with Merlin UK (Medical Emergency Relief International) as District Coordinator Loralai/Harnai. Merlin took this project after the withdrawl of Mercy Corps as IP. I have also worked with Mercy Corps in its malaria control program funded by the Global Fund. This project was implemented in nine districts of Balochistan with Mercy Corps as a sub-recipient from Directorate of Malaria Control Pakistan. I worked as District Coordinator for Loralai and Harnai in this GFATM-7 project. Lately I was working with Mercy Corps in its TB control program ECTB, implemented in 13 districts of Balochistan and Sindh. It was a three years project and was funded by the European Commission.
It have worked for almost five years with Mercy Corps and I have found this organization very nice. It's working environment is very conducive for thriving within the organization itself. It is a bunch of great team leaders and an iconic over all Team Leader in the form of Dr. Saeedullah Khan at South.
For me, he has been a hidden source of inspiration and I wish to become smart like him. As we all know that there are a few people who leave an impact on us and Dr. Saeedullah Khan is one of them. With his extremely sharp memory, great sense of consideration, kindness and above all his extraordinary power to relate events and situations is just an example of how he inspires. I talk very less about people but I can’t help talking about people like him and I am sure if they get into any project, they will work wonders. Yes I do feel sometimes that even stronger people like him have to succumb to the illegal and malicious pressures that are a routine in Pakistani setup but none the less, he comes out with some qualities that I have to admire because I envision and wish the same sort of qualities in myself.
See you next time on another post on my blog.
Dawood Khan Batozai.

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