Why I am a Muslim!

We are living in a time of history where most of the people are either undecided about their religious views or remain doubtful as to what may be the right course of action.

I myself had a lot of digging in this regard and finally arrived at my own conclusions based on those diggings. I would say that reading four things are very essential and prerequisite to the understanding of life and human race and for that matter ones religious standing:

1. The analytical study of philosophy
2. The comparative understanding of modern scientific research
3. The in-depth understanding of the religious views and religious experience
4. Last but not the least, human psychology and the presence of paranormal

I hear most of the people say very easily ‘well a supreme being is simply non-existent’. This I think is very much careless on the part of a well informed educated individual to jump to such a big conclusion so easily without a hint of irony. Before jumping to any conclusion, there are some very basic questions that we have to answer. For a start, I would say that the atheist style of life mostly began in Europe with the inception of two things:

a. The Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection or in other words the developments in science
b. The ideological revolutions like that of Marx etc

Now before jumping to any conclusion about God, let’s ask ourselves some very essential questions:
Number one: We hear everybody that Einstein did something very astonishing and remarkable but very less people know what he did? We only know Einstein through some of his axioms and that’s all.

Number two: What were the essential findings of Darwin and do they stand right in the current research of the modern genetics?

Number three: Anthropologically speaking, why the human race would be so intent on creating a delusionary supreme being and then self-impose some very difficult religious rituals upon itself while the Darwin’s theory of natural selection clearly states that those humans and all animals tend to adopt the most favorable circumstances for themselves.

Number four: Let’s suppose Darwin was right that we are developing, so the next question is what would be the intellectual standing of human race a billion years from now. I mean it’s very difficult to understand that which part of our gene asks us to cry in love or to appreciate art etc. These are some fundamental human emotions but have contradictory relation with what Darwin had to say. Anybody can google or youtube creationism and evolutionism. All the above questions signify the comparative understanding of all these issues and requires the best of our judgment to decide upon a course of action.

Most of the time we don’t simply comprehend the complexities of the universe and human race and hence our knowledge of the world is very limited. For myself, I don’t have the simple answers to many basic questions like for example the end or start of universe, infinity, beginning of life (space and time or space-time) etc. I have to ask myself who has designed the extremely harmonic forms of life? Who is the first mover and who is and remains the source of matter and energy? Don't forget the question of Soul.

Now with all that, do I have to remind everyone here that if they think all the favorable conditions on earth required for the existence of life are just coincidental and accidental? Do I have to let everyone know that a simple change in the earth’s ionosphere is going to lead to the extinction of whole human race in a second? Do I have to assume it’s all accidental that a single change of a single acid on a long gene of more than many thousand proteins causes a deadly disease like sickle cell anemia? Is there really anyone reading this blog who thinks that all these things must be accidental? How I can be convinced by an atheistic argument when I see nature and common sense profoundly supporting the other side of the story. All the above questions need to be borne in mind while reading about a Supreme Being and the universe.

Though it has been quite a long time when I am cut off from study but I think it’s a matter of common sense to arrive at such conclusions and I think the more you read with your good understanding and knowledge, the more you get to the point.

Now most people say “well if I have to be religious then which religion should I chose?” That’s another topic and will be discussed in another blog but I would again say that Islam is the answer to the question. I say Islam by choice not because my ancestors were Muslims.

Just a few questions about everyday life in Islam can tell you about it a heavenly religion and a complete code of life. As a matter of fact the simple reason that Quran is a book of many hundred pages and it talks about all aspects of life including the cosmos, so the simple judgment that if it was to be a work of an ideologue then it must have been full of a thousand brainless mistakes. Quran told us long before Copernicus that all the heavenly bodies are floating in the heavens like fish in water. So the choice is yours.

If you are not willing to study then you should wonder why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Refer to Guinness Book of records, 1998 I think. For the opponents of Islamic injunctions I ask them a few questions:
1. Why should I stress routine exercise but not prayer (Sualah)
2. Why should I go on dieting to fight obesity and many other diseases but not fast
3. Why should I stress on traveling but not go to the biggest social forum called Haj
4. Why should I cry wolf for the economic disparities and not implement Zakat which is the best and simplest economic solution to localized extreme poverty
5. And above all, why should I stress all kinds of belief system but not Tauheed which gives you freedom from all other beliefs?

I mean I may be inconsistent throughout my blog for literary purposes but don’t you think all these things are a common sense and can be judged on a daily basis. Have a nice day and be bold to comment openly and ask questions and make additions. Your views are appreciated.

Dawood Khan Batozai,
Loralai, Balochistan, Pakistan.