Sunday, September 13, 2009

Currently I am working with Merlin UK (Medical Emergency Relief International) as District Coordinator Loralai/Harnai. Merlin took this project after the withdrawl of Mercy Corps as IP. I have also worked with Mercy Corps in its malaria control program funded by the Global Fund. This project was implemented in nine districts of Balochistan with Mercy Corps as a sub-recipient from Directorate of Malaria Control Pakistan. I worked as District Coordinator for Loralai and Harnai in this GFATM-7 project. Lately I was working with Mercy Corps in its TB control program ECTB, implemented in 13 districts of Balochistan and Sindh. It was a three years project and was funded by the European Commission.
It have worked for almost five years with Mercy Corps and I have found this organization very nice. It's working environment is very conducive for thriving within the organization itself. It is a bunch of great team leaders and an iconic over all Team Leader in the form of Dr. Saeedullah Khan at South.
For me, he has been a hidden source of inspiration and I wish to become smart like him. As we all know that there are a few people who leave an impact on us and Dr. Saeedullah Khan is one of them. With his extremely sharp memory, great sense of consideration, kindness and above all his extraordinary power to relate events and situations is just an example of how he inspires. I talk very less about people but I can’t help talking about people like him and I am sure if they get into any project, they will work wonders. Yes I do feel sometimes that even stronger people like him have to succumb to the illegal and malicious pressures that are a routine in Pakistani setup but none the less, he comes out with some qualities that I have to admire because I envision and wish the same sort of qualities in myself.
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Dawood Khan Batozai.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

About Me!

I am Dawood Khan Batozai from Loralai Balochistan. I have done my masters in International Relations and am currently doing my job with Mercy Corps International. I got my basic education from my village school and masjid and then joined the Balochistan Residential College Loralai. Being a mediocre student in the beginning, I got the top level positions in BRC after having come to know the rule of the game called knowledge and my extreme love for study. I stood first in 8th class both in class and college. I was honored with many merits in curricular and co-curricular activities from debating and essay writing to various contests inside and outside the college. I have also got a prize in painting and English essay writing.
During my stay at college, I was extremely interested in philosophy, astronomy, computer studies, psychology and theoretical physics and not the least the language of English. I have never been formally educated in English language and computer but I can do a lot well in these two areas.
I had a very romantic love affair with knowledge and got a lot of pleasure from reading nice stuff. Life is a good experience and I believe that the love of something is a much more delightful experience.
During my study tenure at BRC, I was extraordinarily praised and appreciated for quick rise to the top level students not only in academics but in non-academics as well. I always remained in the top three positions of every class and most of the time I got first positions. I was the first boy of the college to have deeper knowledge of Arabic and Persian for which the legendary principal of the college always used to praise me and I was also the very first student of BRC to make a speech in Arabic on Parents’ Day.
I have always appreciated life and love but I am also very much moved by the stunning developments of science and the extreme beauty and harmony and complexity of nature. I am always a fan of the biggest and the smallest in the material world.
There have been many hard times in my life but I think I should remember the words of Bertrand Russell that we must never call a stage of life either good or bad because you cant reach the next stage unless or until you don’t pass the first stage whether good or bad. A lot more can be said about me, even I think I should write a book about my life and the most important chapter of that book until now will be my craze for the delightful and blissful feeling of love which I call to be the most valuable part of my life. By ‘until now’ I mean may be when I grow old, I may come across more important things than the feeling of love. The second biggest chapter of that book would be my extreme helplessness to make the world my way and the last chapter certainly would be about the intricacy, beauty and out of the ordinary structure of the universe and the pleasure of knowledge and human resilience to overcome the hard times of life and many more things.